EDEKA now cooperates with the german Artist Friedrich Liechtenstein from Berlin. The result of this cooperation: A remix of his Video “Supergeil”, german for super horny. The original version was recorded in the last year and ahs taken the net commuity by storm. Liechtenstein recorded this version with the DJ “The Tourist”, they formed a duo named “Icke & Er” which is Berlin slang for “me and him”. EDEKA immediately liked the song and asked Liechtenstein to record a special EDEKA version, deticated to the EDEKA store brands. The music video was filmed in various locations in Berlin, including the EDEKA market Truman Plaza, which was designed by us.

From now on, “Supergeil” can be seen on the EDEKA youtube channel, accompanied by a web special on For this special, six videos were produced, that can be shared as video greetings with friends via Facebook, Twitter or by mail.