Project overview

Owner:Kaufland Vertrieb Rhein-Neckar GmbH und Co. KG
Project:Pilot Store for Kaufland Beverage Market
Services:Concept, Design, Realization
Planned area:1500m²

In Karlsruhe, the office planned the redesign of a beverage market for Kaufland as a pilot store. The new concept creates a pure beverage experience with numerous innovations and extras.

The aim was to reposition this beverage market in a modern and contemporary way and to create a multiply concept for Kaufland. For this, the existing order system had to be restructured, which in combination with an appealing design should create an attractive and modern market. Exceptional extras and a new merchandise presentation should create a place where the customer wants to spend more time and where shopping becomes an experience.

Unlike many beverage stores, this one surprises with a ceiling height of 6.50 meters. But instead of reducing the ceiling height, the room-high effect was enhanced with light and mirror elements. The load-bearing room columns have been rebuilt with black, high-gloss tiles and fitted with vertical light strips.
Cleverly set light has been realized by the office in close consultation with Oktalite. This creates a modern industrial character whose functional coolness is linked to the warmth of the materials used.

The clear structuring of the market area is achieved by dividing the assortment into individual areas, which in turn are emphasized by a color scheme: wine is red, sparkling gray, beer golden, water blue and so on. A generous central aisle allows an overview and leads the customer to the assortments.
The wine area with over 400 m² occupies most of the new market. Winegrowers offer their wines directly at a tasting table. This allows customers to talk to producers. In a barrel converted into a furniture different wine tastings can be tested by self-service. There is also a separate tasting counter, which is specially designed for tasting evenings or events. In the counter, a humidor is integrated, which contains over twenty different noble cigars.

In the case of water, the existing treadmill for the empties, which transports the bottles to the warehouse above the heads of the buyers, is surprising. Also in the cash register area, there is an extra for the customer – a walk-in drinks fridge. Backlit in blue, this room-in-room creates a literal freshness experience. At the cash register, customers can expressly cool their drinks in a self-service wine cooler in a short time. The sum of the surprise effects in this beverage shop is great, but the benefits as well.