Project overview

Owner:EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr mbH
Project:Pilot Store for Edeka grocery store, former Kaisers markets
Services:Concept, design, realisation
Opening:April 2017
Planned area:1000m²

The takeover of the Kaiser’s markets made it necessary to familiarize the former Kaiser customer with the EDEKA brand, in order to win him soon as a loyal EDEKA customer. A clear separation from the old Kaiser markets through the design and the creation of a contemporary, modern and pleasant shopping feel achieves this goal. With our design we elegantly put the Edeka CI color back in the spotlight. The use of the color yellow as the supporting color of the concept in combination with black materials supports the identification with the brand Edeka in a high-quality way and separates at the same time from the former Kaiser’s store concept.

The aim was also to give the markets a new face, a new direction with the new design concept. What the name EDEKA stands for, the high quality of the food should be visible to the customer. The topic of own production, fresh, regional, organic should continue to be in the foreground.

This sense of high quality is further supported by the loft-like atmosphere. Materials such as concrete, black metal profiles, wood, glass and chalkboard create this atmosphere. They underline the crafty industrial character. This is complemented by the, for this concept developed, hand-drawn graphics. They are to support the craftsmanship character in the form of a construction sketch of food, in the good old mechanical style.