The design becomes tangible.

Around 80% of the information that we process in our brains is of a visual nature.
This is why visual communication plays a central role for us.

From animation & film to 3D visualization & VR technology, from graphic design to guidance and orientation systems, we make complicated topics accessible, intuitive to experience and develop visible solutions for your content.

Modern VR technology

Eine technische Zeichnung ist informativ, ein gerendertes Bild eindrucksvoll.

A technical drawing is informative, a rendered image impressive.

But what if you could move freely through your new building before the first brick is laid? VR lets you experience your new property!

"For us, the use of modern visualization technology, such as roomscale virtual reality, is part of our value engineering."

Roomscale Virtual Reality

With the help of our modern real-time VR technology, you can digitally experience our design for your project in a 3D model in the early design phase.

This makes it possible for you to enter and inspect every room of your project even before construction begins. At the touch of a button, you can try out different designs and floor plan variants by yourself to evaluate their effect in the room.

For you as a customer, this has the advantage that you can experience your project in real time at the earliest planning stage and thus achieve your goal efficiently, as collisions between technical elements and the design are also detected quickly and early on.

But we can do more than just VR...

...We also offer our customers all other forms of visualization. From classic rendering to 360° panoramic images and real-time visualization, we create our project-accompanying visualizations in-house.

With planning and implementation from a single source, the project is then implemented just as you experienced it in the visualization. You can therefore be sure that we have understood your ideas and visions before we start implementation. This minimizes additional work and costs.

The almost realistic spatial representation enables a different level of communication with our customers. It also helps us to harmonize technical requirements such as ventilation, cooling and heating with the design elements.