Development and realization of retail concepts Kinzel Architecture:
Pilot Store for Kaufland beverage market, Karlsruhe • Marktkauf department store, Münster Gievenbeck, Germany • Marktkauf department store, Oelde, Germany • REWE grocery store, Hamburg, Germany • Pilot Store for Edeka grocery store, former Kaisers markets • Edeka grocery store, Hannover, Germany • E-Center, grocery store, Schnellerstraße, Berlin, Germany • Marktkauf department store, Bielefeld Oldentrup, Germany • Supermarket Massen, Luxemburg • Edeka Zurheide, Oberhausen, Germany • REWE grocery store, Pattensen, Germany • Pilot Store for Edeka grocery store, Edeka-Siekmann, Bad Salzuflen, Germany • Edeka Zurheide, grocery store, Gladbeck, Germany • Schäfer’s – Brot- storeconcept • Pilot Store for Schäfer’s – Brot, Hannover, Germany • Edeka Reichelt, grocery store, Falkenseer Chausee, Berlin, Germany • Edeka Hundrieser, grocery store, Velbert, Germany • NP grocery store, storeconcept • Pilot Store for NP grocery store, Hille Rothenuffeln, Germany • Edeka Reichelt, grocery store, Clayallee, Berlin, Germany • Gardencenter Harms, Sylt, Germany • Beverage market, Osterholz Scharmbeck, Germany • Furniture catalogue, kinzel architecture • Furniture Turflon, Werl, Germany • Apartment house, Jülich, Germany • Residential and commercial building, Dorsten, Germany • Marktkauf Restaurant, storeconcept • Marktkauf department store, Bad Salzuflen, Germany • Marktkauf department store Osterholz Scharmbeck, Germany
Development and realization of retail concepts at masswerk GmbH:
Marktkauf department store, Lemgo, Germany  •  Marktkauf department store, Voerde, Germany  •  Marktkauf specialists, Gütersloh, Germany  •  Marktkauf department store, Sennestadt, Germany  •  Marktkauf department store, Barntrup, Germany  •  Marktkauf department store, Büren, Germany  •  Marktkauf textile and electrical department, Nordhorn, Germany  •  Marktkauf department store, Ennepetal, Germany  •  Top Getränke, Düsseldorf  •  E-Center department store, Cologne – Marsdorf  •  E-Center, Duisburg Ziegelhorstestraße, Germany  •  Perfetto department store, Berlin  •  Edeka Central training centre  •  Edeka Central meeting rooms  •  Shoppingcenter, Flensburg, Germany  •  Pharmacy, Warin, Germany  •  “Schmankerlgasse”, Mall, Munich  •  Fair booth masswerk GmbH  •  Furniture catalog masswerk GmbH
Development and realization of retail concepts at Schwitzke & Partner:
Gallerie Lafayette, competition  •  Deutsche Bank, store concept  •  Tommy Hilfiger, store concept  •  Anson´s, Frankfurt  •  Ludwig Beck am Rathauseck, competition, Munich  •  Dodenhof, Multimedia department, Posthausen, Germany  •  Görz, Shoes, Aachen  •  Orsay, store concept  •  apriori, store concept  •  Biba, store concept  •  Bianca, store concept  •  Cavita, store concept  •  Kriss, store concept  •  Future sports, Gym  •  Pole Management  •  Frank Eden, store concept  •  Gelco, store concept  •  Super Venus, store concept  •  Benvenuto, store concept  •  Design Manual book, book for retail design  •  Virgin, Dubai  •  Intertel Alsawani-Group  •  Salam Fashion Store, Dubai  •  Fitz & Simons, BN Batutta Mall, Dubai  •  Al Sawani, Jeddah, Red Sea Mall  •  Xoxo, Dubai  •  noon united, Jeddah, Red Sea Mall  •  60 sec watches shop, Jeddah, Red Sea Mall  •  Urban Jungle, Dubai  •  Tango, Dubai  •  Hobby centre, Dubai  •  Rene Derhy, Jeddah, Red Sea Mall  •  Frezj Kids, Amsterdam  •  Smart intertel, Dubai  •  TBOE, Moscow  •  Megafood, Moscow  •  Trjapka, Moscow  •  Markt, Moscow  •  Jasenevo, Moscow  •  Fair booth Schwitzke & Partner, Moscow  •  Moll 2007, Shop Design Russia 05  •  Design, planning and construction, Moscow