Project overview

Owner:Edeka Minden-Hannover
Project:Edeka Center
Location:Berlin, Schnellerstraße
Type:New building
Services:Concept, design, realisation
Planned area:3700m²

Where emptiness and gloom prevailed before, a new shopping paradise has been created since April 2017. With the reactivation of the former industrial wasteland on the Schnellerstraße in Berlin Niederschönweide the retail trade should be strengthened and the attractiveness of the district should be increased. In addition to the E-Center, two furniture stores and one sporting goods retailer were also represented at the location.

Broad aisles, low shelves and generously sized service counters characterize the picture of the 3,700 m² sales area and ensure clarity. The E-Center attracts its customers with a wide selection and variety, especially fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish or baked goods. The highlight of the market is the pleasure island, which extends the food supply by a gastronomy area and thus perfectly complements it.

Our concept for the E-Center is based on the motto “Shopping without clear shop boundaries”. In order to reach this goal, an area has been created around the pleasure island as a center. All other shop areas are connected in a circle to this center and thus are easily accessible to the customer. This results in an exciting mix of food- and weekend-market.

The customer can get advice from competent employees in the E-Center and then either take their fresh ingredients home with them or consume them prepared on the spot. The range of cold and hot dishes ranges from national to international meals. Due to its location in the entrance area of ​​the market and a variety of seating around the service counter, the pleasure island becomes the central meeting place of the e-center.

The use of natural materials, such as wood and brick on walls, counters and furniture runs through the entire design, creating the original, warm atmosphere of a marketplace. In combination with elegant black elements like graphics and fonts, ceiling sails, lighting and furniture, this appearance is reinterpreted and transported to the present. The pleasure island stands out from the rest of the sales area with green bars suspended from the ceiling and matching green flooring.

Whether you want to do a quick shopping or stay for a while – the new E-Center on Schnellerstraße presents itself as a modern marketplace that stands for high-quality, fresh produce and conviviality.