Project overview

Owner:Edeka Reichelt
Project:Edeka grocery store
Type:New building
Services:Concept, design, implementation
Planned area:2500m²

A market to relax and come back, that links the past and present together. Amid the former central area of ​​the American allies, the new branch of Edeka Reichelt resides on the Truman Plaza in Berlin Zehlendorf as part of a future local supply system along the Clayallee.

As a design basis for the branch, the story of former U.S. president Harry S. Truman (reign 1948-1953) has been taken. At the entrance of the market, customers are welcomed by information boards, which inform about the Berlin Airlift, realized by Truman. Even from a distance, the colors of the American flag and graphics of raisin bombers on the walls are visible. A red clients running inside the 1700m² of retail space, together with the red awnings on the exterior, form the brand recognition for Edeka Reichelt.

The various departments present the visitor individually and are separated by floor and ceiling design. The bar between the canopies support the customer flow system and make the market appear as a whole.

Bricks, aluminum, wood, and concrete imitations provide the market with a high quality, yet warm character, which combines the history of the place and the Edeka brand together.