Project overview

Owner:Shopping-Center Massen
Project:Massen grocery store
Services:Concept, Design, Realisation
Opening:March 2016
Planned area:5000m²

The “Supermarché Massen” in Wemperhardt is located north of the capital Luxembourg. In the middle of the 80’s, a number of petrol stations with tobacco and coffee shops were established as the foundation of today’s supermarket, run by Mr. Arséne Laplume and Fernand Massen. Even at that time the operators put on class rather than mass. Starting in 1998 with 2,500 square meters, the expansion to today’s shopping center took place in several steps.

Over 30 years grown structures, specially manufactured, high-quality products and a high number of competent personnel, from the butcher to the cook. Frameworks, which are not necessarily typical, but much more extraordinary for a supermarket. Thus in the “mass shopping center” a supermarket is possible, which actually lives the manufactory. “Freshness without compromise” is the motto

In the development of the design concept, the goal was to clearly convey these manufacturing ideas and make the market an unmistakable part of the shopping center. The high quality of the food should be visible to the customer. The customer should see where his product comes from and how it is prepared. For this reason, all areas of production and preparation were made open and accessible to the customer.

With this design, the market gives the customer the highest transparency and thus strengthens its confidence in the high quality and freshness of the food as well as the competence of the staff. For example, in the area of patisserie, the view into the production of baked goods is granted. Here we use large format pictures with depth effect in combination with natural materials like stone, wood and metal on the walls, ceilings and counters to support the manufacturer. The customer is thus conveyed the naturalness and freshness of the product while at the same time providing the highest quality.