Project overview

Owner:Edeka Hundrieser
Project:Edeka grocery store
Services:Konzept, Design, Realisierung
Planned area:4500mĀ²

An architecture that combines the attention to detail, a pleasant atmosphere, the reference to the customer as well as the appreciation of good food. This is the peculiarity of the new branch of EDEKA Hundrieser in the center of Velbert.

When entering the market, the customer recceives a loft-like and at the same time noble appearance. Materials such as black metal, glass, stainless steel, rust and concrete surfaces and wood in combination with an accent, indirect lighting provide first eye-catchers.

Generous alleyways attract customers into the market. He is not only led by the contrasting colours on the ground. The suspended ceilingĀ  in the shape of sails, derived from the facade design, leads the customer to the selection worlds. In special areas backlighting the ceiling ensures, in tune with the department, a greater attention.

The ground colors and individually developed, thematic fitting graphics on the walls provide a good orientation of the customer and guide him through the market.

A highlight and at the same time a model for an optimal presentation of goods is the fresh products area. The fruit and vegetable section and the cheese, sausage, meat and fish department are characterized by an innovative lighting and a special keep fresh technology.

Furthermore, the wine department of the market provides customers with not only high-quality goods, but also a special residential quality. Shielded by ceiling-high room dividers in the form of wine racks, tables made of solid wood invite to wine tastings and event evenings. The bright rear wall behind the bar together with the color backlit ceiling creates a pleasant atmosphere and invites customers to linger.