Project overview

Owner:Edeka Zurheide
Project:Edeka grocery store
Services:Concept, Design, Realisation
Planned area:2500m²

The conversion of the food market in Gladbeck focuses on the design of a noble and modern character. This is produced by a clear, colored subdivision. The ceiling was first painted black. With suspended, white plasterboard panels and a horizontal band on which the respective headings are to be read, the customer is led through the market. The customer run is also taken up in the differentiation of the materiality and color of the floor. The dynamic interaction of the color contrast in the ceiling and floor leads customers into the market.

The individual departments were provided with accents, which take up the topic again. For example, the refrigerated area with its superstructures is kept in a colorful, shiny gradient, the wine department is provided with wood, and the organic department is highlighted by its special design with wooden elements and green, colorful accentuation. The fresh and modern character is transferred figuratively. The graphics in the freshness area illustrate this again. Black plates in the manufactory character serve at the service counter for a more detailed description of the products and thus show their value.

The clear subdivision of the market and the headings allow the customer an easy and understandable orientation within the market.