Project overview

Owner:EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr mbH
Services:Concept, design, realisation
Planned area:9000m²

The peculiarity of the Marktkaufs on the Oldentruper road in Bielefeld lies in its fundamental conception. On the 9000 m² sales area, a complete show kitchen has been integrated into the household goods department, where customers can experience the preparation of the food live. This is an ideal way to combine fresh and high-quality products with specialist knowledge.

Of course, the fruit and vegetable section impresses with the versatility of the products. This is supported by appropriate decorative elements. Through the use of warm materials in one of the main areas of the market this receives the desired feel-good atmosphere. Combined with black and white tiles and black metal profiles, Kinzel Architecture has added a modern industrial component to this warm-rural atmosphere as well.

The overall picture conveys to the viewer the feeling of quality, naturalness and freshness and thus strengthens his confidence in the products offered.