Project overview

Owner:EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr mbH
Services:Concept, design, realisation
Planned area:4700m²

With the opening of the Marktkauf in Oelde in Münsterland, the food trade is based on a sustainable and regional concept. Here, emphasis is placed on regionally grown and produced fruits and vegetables, as well as on the expansion of the organic range. With an enlarged and modernized serving department for meat & sausage, cheese and a new fish counter with daily fresh products, the market surpasses the previous range. The new muesli and salad bar, a “hot bar”, as well as an extended bakery round off the varied offer. With the use of sustainable LED lighting and energy efficient refrigerated shelves with heat recovery, the latest technology is applied.

The materiality of the market connects the outdoor area with the interior area. The existing façade made of brick and the large window elements was also used to design the interior and at the same time creates a modern as well as industrial character. A forest graphic, located in the lower level, directs the visitor into the shopping area. It opens up to a further, free-form space. It is characterized by a white steel framework in conjunction with a brick wall and generous mirror elements, which were modeled on the windows of the façade facade. In order to pick up the theme of nature, there are lifelike artificial plants in the fruit and vegetable department. The individual departments are also designed with graphics that relate to the theme of nature. The customer is guided through the market using specially crafted graphics and headlines.

A special feature of the market is the stationery department. Here, the design was related to a paper mill. The main element is formed by the rolls of paper drawn on a simplified way.

The redesign of the Marktkauf is characterized by a modern and regional concept and creates a contemporary shopping experience.