Project overview

Owner:EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr mbH
Services:Concept, design, realisation
Planned area:6000m²

On November 13th 2018, the EDEKA corporation opens the newly rebuilt Marktkauf store at the Gievenbeck location in Münster. At around 6,000 square meters the renovation required a clear expansion of the food product ranges as well as a clear shift from the non-food to the food sector.

For this store, Kinzel Architecture has developed an innovative design with a modern-futuristic character containing loft design elements that make use of the unique features of the location.

Generosity and clarity were the focus of the concept for this branch.

The unusual height of the building of 8 meters was used to give the customer an extraordinary sense of space. Starting at the outer facade, a height-scaling wall-ceiling element accompanies the customer through the market and always ensures a good orientation through different colorings in certain product ranges. The organic department presents itself in a representative manner with a high, clearly visible green wall element and a themed plant suspension directly in the market entrance next to the fruit and vegetable department.

Exceptional in this market is also the arrangement of the assortments, which arrange itself in subject areas around a central island in the market, with a 6 meters high wine shelf and  a glass tower equipped with cheese wheels in the area of ​​the cheese counter, which through the mirroring of the ceiling seems to reach up to the ceiling as striking lighthouse.

This arrangement, together with the colored wall-ceiling element, leads to a clear segmentation of the surface and thus to a good overview for the customer.

The new design and the adaptation to the product range now clearly emphasize the quality, naturalness and freshness of the products.