Project overview

Owner:Edeka Minden-Hannover
Project:NP grocery store
Type:Concept development and rebuilding
Services:Concept, design, implementation
Planned area:900m²

„Consumer-Grate with a worthy touch“

The same prices , but a significant visual difference from the typical discount stores. The new design concept for the existing NP market in Hille – Rothenuffeln is the beginning of an image change of the Edeka distribution channel NP . In future,  400 dditional markets in Germany arise, based on this design.

The development of the concept based on the analysis of the existing market. It combines playing with colors, unusual materials and a customer management system, which facilitates orientation in the market.

Upon entering the spacious entrance area  opens an overview of the 900m² of retail space to the customer. Task-based graphics, large fonts and color accents to wall , floors and ceilings, action areas and individual departments of the market are highlighted and are already recognizable from a distance. The suspended ceiling module in combination with the client running guides the visitor and starts the market as a whole.

An additional feature in the design are the materials chosen . Walls and floors get a wood finish , creates a cozy atmosphere and invites customers to linger.

The overall picture of the market gives a totally new and innovative concept for young and old, which is characterized by freshness and quality at low prices.