Project overview

Owner:REWE Markt GmbH
Project:REWE Lebensmittelmarkt
Services:Concept, design, realisation
Planned area:1400m²

In the reorganization of the market in Pattensen, a small town south of Hanover, one of the focus was on the special transformation of the precinct zone.

When you enter the market, a central point opens to the customer, just like a kind of market place.

From this point you can get an overview of the variety of offers such as the local post office, the bakery and the snack point, and with the open fruit and vegetable department with a generous offer of flowers and the cashiers zone at the same time the starting and end point of shopping in the supermarket. At the center of the new market space, there is also enough space to offer the customer seasonal local products or promotional items. The bistro area adjacent to the bakery with ample seating opportunities invites customers to linger.

The market becomes a social meeting point for the customer.

For the design of the market, it was important to us to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in which to feel comfortable. This is felt by the customer as soon as he enters the market.

This was achieved by the use of warm wood materials. The shelf conversions and the complete floor are made in a wooden flooring system. A subtle color scheme in black, white and concrete optics in combination with the striking dark ceiling sails interrupted by wooden beams simultaneously convey the modern character of the market.

A subtle use of the color red accompanies the customer through the market and points to the CI color of Rewe.

The shadowy graphics of plants in the fruit and vegetable area on the background in concrete optics combine the discreet modernity with the cozy rural and round out the design. Here, all customers should feel comfortable, from young to old.