Kinzel Project

founded in 2016

Kinzel Project builds and turns your plans into reality. With Kinzel Project, we can realize our customers' wishes efficiently and quickly.

Being able to offer design and shopfitting from a single source gives us the option of comprehensive cost management throughout the entire construction process.
This enables us to ensure that our customers' wishes can be fully implemented.

The strong interlocking between planning and implementation
enables a high degree of optimization of all construction processes and a rapid response to possible adjustments during the course of the project.

Because we have constant access to the manufacturing process, we can implement changes as quickly and efficiently as possible during the construction phases. In today's tight timeframes, this is a major advantage when it comes to achieving your desired goal quickly.

Our Services

Project management &
Project control

  • location & feasibility analysis,
    advice & calculation
  • architectural services according
    to HOAI
  • control & implementation
    of the construction project
  • interface coordination of all

Furniture production &

  • development, manufacturing & assembly
    of special and series furniture
  • shop in shop systems
  • installation & integration of
    presentation displays & lighting

Dismantling &

  • demolition & dismantling work
  • disposal & recycling
  • construction cleaning


  • quality assurance
  • servicing & maintenance

3D- Visualization

  • animation
  • 3D- visualization
  • virtual reality

Advertising & External representation

  • illuminated advertising
  • presentation of goods
  • displays
  • shop window lettering

"The close interfaces between design, planning and implementation allow us to work particularly efficiently and to refine and implement our projects down to the last detail."