Marktkauf Ratingen

Project Overview

Builder: Mr Czaikowski, Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr
Project: Marktkauf Full Range Supplier
Location: Ratingen, DE
Type: Remodeling
Services: Design, Implementation
Shopfitting: Kinzel Project GmbH
Area: 8.000m²

Inside the market there are material combinations of wood, concrete, stainless steel and urban green, which give the large hall a clean and at the same time atmospheric effect.
On the sales floor, customers are welcomed with a well-stocked fruit and vegetable department. Merchandise tables and counters were given elegant stainless steel cladding and provide the perfect passe-partout for the bright colors of the department.

Semi-transparent room dividers made of perforated stainless steel decor create a room-in-room situation and thus skilfully counteract the large hall character. This element is repeated in the many departments of the market. It creates a clear orientation for customers between the product groups and creates a very tidy overall picture in the large area. The concrete-colored floor tile is interrupted by a linear black tile and, complemented by graphic arrows on the walls, guides the customer through the diverse offering.

Impressive ceiling sails made of rectangular wooden frames with integrated light strips run parallel to the black floor strip in the main customer corridor. The surfaces enclosed within are made of mirror panels or black metal grids and structure the spacious air space of the market hall. From the main customer aisle you can reach the impressive, 44 meter long fresh food counter. Futuristic circles of light and vertical strips of light nestle against the panel of the suspended ceiling and flow smoothly to the back wall of the counter area.

The overall picture offers many department-specific highlights and, in addition to a pleasant shopping atmosphere, also a real design experience!

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