Rewe Zeisehallen

Project Overview

Builder: Rewe Markt GmbH
Project: Rewe Supermarket
Location: Hamburg Ottensen, DE
Type: Remodeling
Services: Design, Implementation
Shopfitting: Kinzel Project GmbH
Area: 1400m²

The goal of this project was to uniquely position a new REWE store in a historically valuable building. To do this, we had to harmoniously combine the special features of the location with our goals in order to create an attractive and modern market. With our design we want to remind customers of the building's former industrial use, the workshops of the ship's screw factory.

In order to make the history and architecture of the building more visible, we kept the design of this market as open and transparent as possible.
The massive row of supports in the middle becomes – as before – the functional center of the high hall. The arrangement of the catering and service counters ensures that the customer moves around this historical area. The retracted gallery is positioned above the fresh food area and directly under the support structure. In the front area we have positioned a high-quality grand piano that is clearly visible throughout the market and can be used for live music. The upper level can therefore also be used as a multifunctional event area.

Large black and white images create a visible link between the past and the present. Last but not least, we retained the existing glass surface in the floor with a view of the ship's propeller as one of many elements. In this way, we not only preserved the historical fact as such, but also transferred a direct connection to the function of the building into the present.

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