Schäfer's Brot

Project Overview

Builder: Schäfer's Brot
Project: Pilotstore Bakery, Gastronomy
Location: Hannover, DE
Type: Remodeling
Services: Design, Implementation
Area: 300m²

The client’s goal: repositioning the “Schäfer’s” bakery brand by creating unique recognition features within the branches.

The office developed a new, flexible concept, which – beyond the design of a pilot store – can be transferred to other branches in the future. The Pilot Store in the Calenberger Esplanade in Hanover has a lofty and at the same time elegant character.

Dark, hard materials such as black high-gloss surfaces, metal grilles or dark stone walls are used together with light, warm materials such as white stone walls and wood in the floor and ceiling areas. The resulting contrast between light and dark, warm and cold creates a cozy atmosphere.

The signal color red stands out from the restrained color scheme as the strongest feature in the bakery chain's corporate design. The color accents such as red backlit lettering or a red pipe along the wall in the lounge area are all positioned at eye level and subtly but confidently attract the customer's eye.

In combination with the individually designed graphics, which are designed as stamps on the walls in black and white, highlights and eye-catchers are created within the store. These not only remain in the customer’s memory, but also give the “Schäfer’s” brand a completely new, high-quality and exciting appearance.

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